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Current Price list for 2016/2017 Hunting Season

(Contact us for any available special packages)

Economy Whitetail Hunt 1 (approx. 130 to 139 SCI score range)                                     $  3,500.00

Economy Whitetail Hunt (approx. 140 to 149 SCI score range)                        $  4,500.00

Management Whitetail Hunt (approx. 150 to 159 SCI score range)                           $  5,500.00

Management Whitetail Hunt Upgrade (approx. 160 to 169 SCI score range)         $ 8,500.00

Trophy Whitetail Hunt (approx. 170 to 179 SCI score range)                                             $ 10,500.00

Super Trophy Whitetail Hunt (180 to 189 SCI score range)                                $ 13,500.00

Super Trophy Whitetail Hunt Upgrade 
(190 to 199 score range)                     $ 15,500.00

            (Economy and Management hunters will pay a per
             person/per day lodging fee of  $200.00)

            (Economy and Management hunts are guides choice hunts)

            (All hunts are Two hunting days including lodging, meals and guide)

            (Deer scoring over 200 SCI are available, price on request)

  • All hunt upgrade packages will be determined prior to taking animal at guides determination regardless of actual SCI score.
  • All hunts are fully guided hunts. Lodging and meals provided.
  • Wounded animals are considered as harvested animals. All reasonable efforts will be made to recover animal.
  • 50% refundable deposit on Trophy hunt required is to confirm booked hunt. Deposit becomes non-refundable if cancellation is less than thirty days from date of booked hunt. Balance of hunt fee is due upon arrival at the hunting ranch prior to the beginning of the hunt. Upgrades payable at end of hunt.

 (Safari Club International Texas White Tail record book Minimum Scores Typical 125, Non-Typical 138)

Record Book Whitetail beginning at $3,500. 


Additional animals depending on availability 


Barbado Sheep (Full curl or better)                                                   $ 1,000.00

Trophy Russian Boar ( Record Book)                                                 $  2,000.00

Russian Boar                                                                                   $    750.00

Rio Grande Turkey (Spring or Fall)                                                     $    750.00


Texas Gulf coast water fowl hunting for Ducks and Geese                   $    250.00 per day

      (No meals or lodging provided)

Morning dove                                                                                  $     75.00 per day

Bob White Quail                                                                              $    200.00 per day


Record Book Quality Deer Hunting

What hunter hasn't dreamed of bagging a record animal?  In the whitetail deer country of Southeast Texas lays the 888 Ranch – home of record book quality deer hunting.  This ranch not only produces the finest in Beef Master Cattle, it is also home to some of the finest whitetail deer in the area The 888 Ranch has developed and managed its herd of Whitetail deer until it produces many trophy quality deer, some that score over 200 SCI.


Texas Size Whitetail

It takes more than luck to consistently produce record book quality deer hunting.  The people at 888 Ranch have been carefully building their herd through careful aging, genetic control, and planned feeding supplements to produce the size and quality of deer that all hunters look for.  When you couple careful herd management with the best in land management, you end up with the ideal location for Whitetail deer hunting.


Look No Further

The 888 Ranch, located near Highlands, Texas, will be your annual choice for the best in record book quality deer hunting.  Don't forget to check about their waterfowl and upland game bird trips as well. 

For more information on whitetail deer hunting Texas style visit our website at